Peace and Serenity in Myeongdong Cathedral

I was particularly thankful for the opportunity to spend a few minutes of my first and only Sunday at South Korea in a Catholic Church. This was just an offshoot of our nocturnal wanderings after a long day at Gyeonggi Province, yet the solitude I found was a big payoff.

It is the first Catholic Church in Korea and therefore designated as Historic Site No. 258. The cathedral took six years to be completed (1892 – 1898) with the bell tower, the main building which contains the clock, rising to 45-meters high. The architectural style applied is Gothic. It is the seat for the Archdiocese of Seoul, with the Immaculate Conception as the patron saint.

The church grounds in low lights.

Inside, we witnessed a mass. LCD monitors hang on both sides. There was an usherette at the back. Some women wore white veils. The familiar elements of the religion I grew up with was there. I was glad to find God in this foreign nation.

This side trip for the soul did not cost me a thing. My on-the-road snack did. We passed this stall on our way back. The corn cost PHP 90. Can’t recall if that was for two.


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